Ethanol Biofuel a Promising Local Project

Sweet Sorghum

Negros Occidental has recently taken advantage of a renewable energy power source. As provided by the diverse and successful company, the San Carlos Bioenergy Inc., ethanol fuel extracted from sweet sorghum juice has provided both a source of income and power for the affected vicinity. As noted by the province’s governor, Alfredo Maranon Jr., the boost offered by the sustainable biofuel has created benefits for the agrarian reform in Negros.

To note, 50 hectares of the sweet sorghum crop has been tested in Sagay City. The University of the Philippines Los Banos Alternative Energy Research has overseen the plants’ growth, and as well checked for the viability of the potential of fuel that can be provided. Also, the sweet sorghum plant has not only provided fuel, for almost every part of the crop has been used for several purposes (the grains are used for animal feeds).

As compared to other types of plants such as molasses, the sweet sorghum plant offers a higher yield of potential. Another benefit that Negros Occidental tapped into these plants is the viability of it being produced in small mills, opening up the possibility of small-scale farmers to create a stable livelihood opportunity.

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