Mindanao to include Renewable Energy in School Curriculum


In teaching the importance of a certain subject, it is vital for information to be disseminated at the earliest ages of a student’s life. It is also doubly important to teach skills that apply to practical and contemporary events, to allow children to cope up with the pulls and pushes of the world that they may encounter.

Such is the case for Mindanao, wherein power outages seem to be the norms. With no sufficient and effective solution available to the public as to date, public schools in the area have taken things in their own hands with the next best thing available: education.

As the perfect example of teaching and leading students by example, wind generators and solar panels have been set up in several Mindanao schools. This is to teach students the importance and benefits gained from sourcing energy from natural resources, and as well to actually provide much-needed power for the said schools. Overseen by the Philippine Electronics and Communication Institute of Technology (PECIT), the group hopes that Mindanao’s power grid will see a better day with their strategy of including RE as part of the area’s school curriculum.

To date, several foreign firms, particularly from Germany have lent their help to power up Mindanao. EG Solar has donated a solar cooker to provide an alternative in food preparation for locals.

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