Solar Panels cover up ADB roof


As one of the country’s prime advocates of Renewable Energy, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has recently converted its Ortigas City office’s roof into a powerful solar battery. Fitting 2,040 photovoltaic solar panels in its 6,640 sq/m roof, the use of these renewable energy fixtures is a sustainable channel of power that will help provide electricity in the office grounds. It is also a statement that the organization is dead set on creating a cleaner change for the country.

The ADB hopes that actual practice of renewable energy’s benefits will help inspire other businesses to follow suit. With power amounting up to 613 megawatts, the panels can take advantage of capturing a large amount of energy from the sun, a source not readily tapped into by organizations in the country.

The decision to install solar panels in ADB’s rooftop also stems in the organization’s scheme of supporting the use of clean and renewable energy in the Asian region. Termed as the Asia Solar Energy Initiative, the ADB hopes to at develop up to 3,000 megawatts of power in a matter of three years.

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